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ILLUSORR was established in April 2020, at the very beginning of the global lockdown. A group of computational architects and designers, who are now the co-founders of ILLUSORR, gathered to discuss the potential of creating a world where people could escape their isolated reality by creating immersive, interactive experiences. This progressed into creating the design-driven metaverse company now known as ILLUSORR.

ILLUSORR Corp. is a design-oriented metaverse company, with 3 divisions:

ILLUSORR Platform ILLUSORR is transitioning the world into the metaverse by creating unique experiences and spaces, built on multiple blockchains. Accessible via PC, VR, AR, Web, Console, Tablet and Mobile, it offers customizable avatars, meta-assets, NFT marketplace, creator verification, social interactivity, curated experiences, retail, events, virtual estate, and much more.

ILLUSORR Studio In addition to building a metaverse platform, ILLUSORR Studio also helps brands, public figures, corporations, and government clients to transition to the metaverse, working with companies such as TRT, BMW, ABB, and Hermitage Museum. The ILLUSORR team is currently located in over 12 countries, across 5 continents - a diverse group of experts, delivering high quality projects, connecting through the metaverse.

ILLUSORR Tech ILLUSORR Tech is developing 2 unique products to offer metaverse solutions. The design-oriented asset generator will allow non-designers to easily generate meta-assets carefully curated by computational designers. The metaverse engine will offer designers and developers the best solution catered towards metaverse building.

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