0.4 | Message From Founders

This is a great time for architects, designers, creators, developers, and humanity at large!
We feel extremely privileged to be able to contribute to the advancement of the metaverse and the design disciplines. Whenever a new discipline emerges, or is transitioning, it is important to study the historical progression, and then the current state, and begin to define and categorize it so that you can plan for, and create, the best possible future. This first-principles approach allowed us to develop this new framework for “meta-assets”, based on what all the thought leaders are currently working on and the trajectory the industry is headed. This gives us clarity as to the challenges that lie ahead so that we can begin to solve them from today, and do it all together as a community.
Another reason this whitepaper is timely is due to the rapid adoption rate of the metaverse and NFTs, as this current bubble grows, and we all await its inevitable burst, we are planning for what is to emerge from that burst and replace the current landscape with a legacy solution. With the fluctuation of the web3 / blockchain / cryptocurrency market, just like with the early internet, there is no doubt that these technologies are here to stay and will revolutionize the current status-quo. The only question is how and when? This is why ILLUSORR is proposing the transition from the current NFT system, to a broader outlook of meta-assets. And as for the “when” question, our answer is to quote Peter Drucker when he famously said that “The best way to predict the future is to create it” !