1.4 | Four Philosophies

All ILLUSORR meta-assets adhere to the 4 fundamental guiding principles we believe will foster the best result for a well curated open metaverse:
Designed By Verified Creators Each meta-asset on the ILLUSORR platform is designed and/or curated by a Verified Creator that has been approved by ILLUSORR. This sets a very high standard for meta-assets, and allows creators from a variety of fields to generate income by creating commissioned projects for users and brands. These meta-assets are designed with the latest methodologies in avant-garde architecture, using generative design, procedural modeling and other techniques used in the frontiers of the design fields. Users can be guaranteed the highest quality, high fidelity, high-poly assets unique to the ILLUSORR design language and our Verified Creators.
User Ownership Is Protected All NFTs, fungible assets, and co-owned assets will be fully protected on the ILLUSORR platform, so that no other users can plagiarize, steal, or use assets without the full, appropriate permission of the owner/s.
Functional In The Metaverse Every ILLUSORR meta-asset (especially NFTs) will be fully functional in the metaverse. The NTFs will be packaged with 2D images and animations for sharing on social media, but will come with fully rigged and animated 3D models ready to use in the metaverse.
Interoperable On All Platforms All ILLUSORR meta-assets will be sold in file formats that can be transferred and used on all platforms in the metaverse. These will be developed in accordance with the guidelines by The Metaverse Standards Forum.